Zaius - Criteo audience integration

A guide to activate and send your audience from Zaius to Criteo.

Setup the connection between Zaius and Criteo

This 3 minutes video will teach you how to synchronize an audience list of users between Zaius and Criteo

Create your campaign

You can either contact your Account Strategist to create your campaign or use our self service platform.

If you choose the second option remember to mention "CDP - Zaius" in the campaign name.


If the audience wasn't created properly or the audience is empty, please send the following information to your account strategist :

  1. Criteo API credentials used in Zaius Platform
  2. Account id used in Zaius Platform
  3. The type of identifier used in your segment (emails, device id's...)
  4. Description of the issue

Our support team will comeback to you in order to help you fixing the issue.