Manage CNAME records in Namecheap

This document will guide you through the steps to create, modify and delete the CNAME record(s) necessary for implementing OneTag 2.0 in the Namecheap hosting platform.


OneTag 2.0 is Criteo’s latest cross-device innovation protecting your reach of shoppers as well as facilitating ad relevance and ensuring accurate sales attribution.

To implement OneTag 2.0 it is necessary that you delegate Criteo a sub-domain by creating a CNAME record in your name-server/hosting platform. In a Domain Name System (DNS) context, a Canonical Name (often abbreviated CNAME) record is a name-server resource record that maps one domain name (an alias) to another domain name (the Canonical name) section 3.3.1 of RFC 1035.

Sub-domain delegation

Please create the following CNAME record(s) on your Namecheap hosting platform:

Sub-domain to delegate CNAME/Points to

You should be able to achieve this by following the steps below or in the Namecheap Support Center.

Create a CNAME record

The CNAME record will point your domain or subdomain to the IP address of the destination hostname. So, if the IP of the destination hostname changes, you won't need to change your DNS records as the CNAME will have the same IP.

NOTE: Please don't set up a CNAME record for a bare domain e.g., yourdomain.tld (@ hostname) since it may affect the operation of the domain's MX records and, consequently, the email service. Thus, in most cases you will need to create a CNAME record for www (or other subdomain) and URL Redirect for @ that will point to http://www.yourdomain.tld/

It is possible to set up a CNAME record from Namecheap's side for domains that are using our BasicDNS, BackupDNS (a legacy option), PremiumDNS or FreeDNS.

  1. Sign into your Namecheap account (The "Sign In" option is available in the top hat of the page): Namecheap sign-in
  2. Select Domain List from the left side menu.
  3. Click the Manage button next to your domain: Namecheap sign-in
  4. Navigate to the Advanced DNS tab.
  5. Click the Add New Record button (not able to edit Host Records?) in the Host Records section: Namecheap sign-in
  6. Select CNAME Record from the drop-down menu for Type, put {{subdomain}} for Host, enter into Value and the highest value in TTL: Namecheap sign-in
  7. Click on the Save All Changes button each time you need to save the record: Namecheap sign-in

Please check if there are any CNAME, URL Redirect (Unmasked/Masked/Permanent) or A or records set for the same Host. Such records can conflict with each other, thus, they are to be removed. Here is a CNAME Example with conflicting records: Namecheap sign-in

Once you've done this, wait for 30 minutes for the host records to be accepted. That's it!