A guide to implement Criteo solutions in IAIshop.


This tutorial will explain how to install the Criteo plugin for your IAIshop site. The provided plugin will install Criteo OneTag on your site and help you to generate the feed. If you already have a Google Shopping Feed contact your Criteo commercial consultant.



Click to download extension

Tags Installation

  1. Download and unpack the extension from up above link.
  2. Go to Moderacja(Moderation) then choose Dodatki HTML i JavaScript(HTML and JavaScript plugins). 1
  3. Click on Import ICF kampanii(Import Icf campaign) and import the file 'IAI_CriteoTags' plugin. 2
  4. Edit the campaign settings. Click on edytuj(edit). 3
  5. Activate the plugin and fill in your partner id information {{accountid}} then click zapisz(save). 4

Feed Installation

  1. Download and unpack the extension from up above link.
  2. Go to Marketing i integracje(Marketing and integrations) then choose Porównywarki cen, pasaże handlowe i katalogi(Price comparisons, marketplaces and catalogues). 1
  3. Click on Dodaj nowy serwis. 2
  4. After you have picked up the country choose Pozostałe(other). 3
  5. Pick up the name (example. Criteo). Mark tak(yes) in table Modyfikuj samodzielnie plik z ofertą za pomocą sterownika(modify driver by yourself) then copy place the full content of IAI_FeedDriver file to Sterownik(driver) window. Click zapisz(save). 4
  6. After driver is saved under the column Sprawdź(view) click on plik eksportu(export file). In pop-up window, the link generated will be the link of your feed. The feed won't be generated immediately, you may have to wait 12h. You may notice it from the communicate 'oczekuje na wygenerowanie' (awaiting generation). When the feed is ready, copy the link URL pliku eksportu dla porównywarki(export file url) and provide to your Criteo consultant. 5

OneTag 2.0