A guide to implement Criteo solutions in Magento.


This tutorial will explain how to install the Criteo Extension for your Magento site. The extension will install the Criteo OneTag on your site and will help generate a product feed if your site is compatible. Please provide your Criteo contact with a Google Shopping Feed if you already have one. You may also visit Magento Connect to purchase a third party extension for feed generation.




Click to download extension


  1. Please note: if you are using Magento 1.9 the installation with Magento Connect Manager might fail. In that case please copy the plug in into your Magento root directory and refresh the cache. Then continue with Point 7.

  2. Go to your Magento Admin Panel magento_admin

  3. Go to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager magento_connect

  4. Click Direct package file upload, followed by Upload package file, use the Choose File button magento_package

  5. Click Browse, select the extension file you downloaded and click Upload

  6. You can see the status at the bottom of the page on the Console magento_console

  7. Hit the Refresh button to reload the page, and in the list of installed extension you'll see the Criteo OneTag implemented magento_refresh

  8. Fill out your Criteo Partner ID with {{accountid}} and click Save Config on the right top.

    Please ask your Criteo contact for your Criteo Partner ID if you do not know it.

  9. Select Yes under the option Criteo Feed activated. Please email us the password if you have set one magento_configh

OneTag 2.0






Once installed, the feed is available via