Open Cart

A guide to implement Criteo solutions in Open Cart


This tutorial will explain how to install the Criteo Extension for your OpenCart site. The extension will install the Criteo OneTag on your site



Open Cart 1.5

Open Cart 2

Open Cart 3



  1. Click Extensions then Extension Installer in the left panel 1

  2. Click Upload, and select the downloaded file 1

  3. Once the extension is installed, go to Modifications in the left panel 1

  4. Click the Refresh button to rebuild the modification cache 1


  1. Click Extensions > Extensions in the left panel 1

  2. Select Feeds from the dropdown 1

  3. Install the Google Base feed by clicking the green button. If already installed, skip to next step. 1

  4. Click the Edit button of Google Base 1

  5. Download the latest Google category list locally here

  6. Import the Google category list 1

  7. Map your store categories to Google categories, one-by-one. For example: 1

  8. Once all categories are mapped, select Enabled status > click Save and send Data Feed Url to Criteo contact

OneTag 2.0






Once installed, the feed is available via