An Ideal Feed - Travel

Building beautiful, dynamic banners

You can download the one-pager : Ideal Feed for Flights/Hotels/Packages


Product feed is a file that contains information about all products on your site. Criteo uses this information to build your dynamic product banners.

This guide will help you to provide improve your feed and ultimately your banners

Data Fields

MANDATORY Recommended: FLIGHT Recommended: HOTEL
Id City/Country of destination City/Country of hotel
Link City of origin Star rating of hotel
Title Airport Codes Hotel/Room Type
Image URL (800px-1200px) Departure date Number of nights
Price Return date Number of rooms left
Description Airline Reviews
Flight Class Badges
Flight Type Adult (yes/no)
Flight Length Children
Badges Recommendable
Recommendable Services
Services Conditions
Conditions Discount

alt text

Designer’s Recommendations

Keep Data Short

Based on selected variables like font size and layouts selected, the available space will change, but we highly recommend the following:

alt text

Avoid Repetition

Keep details from repeating to avoid waste of precious banner space alt text

Manage Your Images

Your products will be best displayed if all have similar aspect ratios, weight less than 5MB and are sized between 800px to 1200px.

For more information please advise Criteo product feed specification page and contact your Account Strategist.